That’ll be the Day : 365 F1 Stories (Part 1)

Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport, accommodates over sixty years of history – much of it colourful, some of it chequered, all of it fascinating. Save yourself wading through pages and pages of mind-numbing facts and figures, 365 F1 Stories is here to give you the action one slice at a time.

For every day of the year there is a story, a biography, a series of facts, making a compendium of F1 knowledge that you can use to impress your friends. Want to know what happened on this day in Formula One? Just flip to the right page and find out.

Learn more about the history of your favourite sport, jog your memory about events you witnessed yourself, or perhaps be inspired to discover more.

Part 1 in this series covers the months January to June. Make sure you get your hands on the second volume to complete the experience.

Grab the book for Kindle devices on Amazon or via iBooks.


Callum Morgan
“Overall an astonishing book, lots of facts I didn’t know like how the Ferrari badge was invented.” 5/5

L Weston
“The short format of each entry makes it very easy to dip in and out of, and the writing is engaging and well researched. The formatting and editing of the finished product is also fantastic – I have many more expensive kindle editions which have minor formatting or other editing errors but this book has a very professional feel to it.” 5/5

“I have never liked to read books but for the first time I can honestly say I cant put it down. From new f1 fans to experienced f1 fans you will love this book. I haven’t read this all yet and I cant wait for more.” 5/5