That’ll be the Day : 365 F1 Stories (Part 2)

The second volume in a series looking at key events that shaped modern Formula One.  Trawling more than sixty years of motorsport history, 365 F1 Stories presents a unique look at a diverse collection of moments that epitomise racing today.

Discover which significant event or quirky happening occurred on this day in Grand Prix history, or read cover-to-cover to learn about remarkable moments that changed the sport forever. Some stories may span a whole career, while others are over in the blink of an eye.  From the notable to the obscure, these are the events that shaped more than six decades of racing.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned fan, a relative newcomer or somewhere in between, you will certainly find something of interest inside.

Part 2 in this series covers the months July to December. Ensure you grab a copy of the first volume to enjoy the full experience.

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“I’m reading them one day at a time, it’s now part of my morning routine to wake up and see what the story is for today. As always with Christine’s work, each entry is beautifully written and fascinating. More books please.” 5/5

“I follow F1, and enjoy learning about the history of the sport. As such I recommend this book to anyone that wants to know more about the sport.” 4/5