Introducing Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season

Major changes to the makeup of the grid set the tone for a promising 2015 Formula One season. Two World Champions have opted to switch teams in order to reinvigorate their careers following lacklustre results last year. Fernando Alonso returns to a team he almost destroyed back in 2007, while Sebastian Vettel makes a clean break from the team and personnel that have been responsible for his F1 success to date.

The Honda Motor Company return to the sport as a supplier, looking back to their past in the hopes of resurrecting a successful partnership for the future. After the reforms of last year, power unit regulations remain relatively unchanged, allowing for development to continue throughout the year.

The stability in the regulations extends to more than just the engines, with small tweaks here and there attempting to improve the show. The front ends of each car will look different this year, long life components will have to last even longer, and the safety car should make less of an impact on race day, but otherwise 2015 is all about building on what was learned last year.

Three new drivers step up to the plate for their rookie F1 season, joining a mixture of existing drivers – those still learning and old hands. The calendar will visit old haunts as F1 returns to Mexico. The Russian and Austrian races introduced to the schedule last year remain for a second season, whilst Abu Dhabi retains the rights to host the final round in November.

There’s so much to look forward to in 2015, and this book aims to guide you through the teams and their drivers, the regulation changes they have to deal with, as well as each stop on the racing calendar. No matter where you are, keep this handy guide to the 2015 F1 season in your pocket.

Available now on Amazon for Kindle and iBooks.


Guide to the 2014 Grand Prix Season now available on iBooks

If you’re not a fan of Kindle-shaped reading products, never fear! The iBooks edition of the Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2014 Grand Prix Season has arrived. The book contains all the driver and team profiles, rules and regulations updates, and circuit information that you’re going to need for the upcoming Formula One season, and has the iBooks bonus of easier navigation and better-looking tables.


So, if you own an Apple device, be it phone, tablet or desktop, there’s no excuse not to get your hands on a copy of the Pocket F1 Handbook. You can download a handy sample to preview the book before you buy, but snap it up soon. There are only nine days left to the start of the 2014 season, so you can swot up on all you need to know before the action gets underway in Australia next week.

Complete your Pocket F1 Handbook collection

To celebrate the release of the latest Guide to the 2014 Grand Prix Season, the previous two editions have been reduced in price, allowing you to complete your Pocket F1 Handbook collection.


The Pocket guides have been previewing the last three seasons of Formula One, featuring all the information you need to know about drivers, teams, rules and regulations, plus bonus extra content in each edition of the book.

The 2014 edition is now on sale on the Amazon store for £2.99 (in the UK, worldwide prices should correspond accordingly). If you’re looking to recap who was contending the 2013 season, you can pick up the handbook for £1.87. To round out the trilogy, the 2012 Pocket F1 Handbook guide is now just 99p. There’s no excuse for not completing your collection now!

Introducing Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2014 Grand Prix Season

The 2014 F1 season promises to be a dramatic one, a time of regeneration and modernisation that more than anything else guarantees to be unpredictable. With an overhaul in the regulations, a raft of driver and personnel movements, plus a handful of new races to challenge all, it is set to be an eventful year in motor sport.

Defending champions Red Bull field a revised driver line-up, but they are far from alone. All teams bar Marussia and Mercedes have at least one new face behind the wheel. The regulations too create their own special kind of chaos, with new turbo engines, fuel limits, plus a raft of aerodynamic tweaks to challenge the most experienced of engineers.

Commencing in Australia, the 2014 calendar snakes around the globe to nineteen destinations, culminating in the season finale in Abu Dhabi in November. The Austrian Grand Prix makes a comeback, having last run in 2003, whilst Russia steps up to host a brand new race around the freshly paved streets of Sochi.

There is much to look forward to this year, and Pocket F1 Handbook aims to bring you right up to speed. No matter where you are, ensure you have the facts and information on the 2014 F1 season firmly in your grasp.

Available now on Amazon for Kindle and coming soon to iBookstore.


Introducing Pocket F1 Handbook: Grand Prix Almanac 2013

Every Formula One season tells a story. A continuing saga, a sporting soap opera, it dates back to the inauguration of the World Championship in 1950 and even before that. At the same time, each and every year, the slate is wiped clean and both drivers and teams are given the chance to impress all over again.

This book will guide you through the 2013 season, visiting each event in turn to see how the year unfolded, and how events wound their way towards the season-closing race in Brazil. From the early anticipation of brand new rookie drivers, to the closing stages with familiar faces on the podium, you’ll revisit the highs and lows of another page added to F1’s illustrious and often controversial history.

Each year holds something new, and for 2013 it was the potential for a four-times world champion, the youngest ever, in Sebastian Vettel. Or it was the prospect of finding out who could beat him. This was something of a transitional year. The regulations were set for a significant overhaul in 2014, the engines being drastically changed, and the subsequent impact across the rest of the car.

With a compromise to be made between living in the now and forward thinking, the 2013 season was never going to go down in history as one of the classics. The championship fight also didn’t lend itself to a cracking season’s end. But the year still had plenty of drama, enough on-track incidents to go round and plenty of off-track shenanigans to keep the column inches filled. Relive it all in this Pocket F1 Handbook.

Available now on Amazon for Kindle and coming soon to iBookstore.


Guide to the 2013 F1 Season – Get your updates now!

I love it when a plan comes together. This time last year, getting an update through onto the Pocket F1 Handbook owned by loyal and marvellous customers was not an easy feat. Fast forward twelve months, and a significant period of chopping and changing within Formula One, and we now have two sections significantly updated and ready for you to read!

No matter which version of the book you bought, iBookstore or Amazon Kindle, you should be able to get your hands on an updated copy – with a little less Razia and a little more Sutil. Just a couple of days after the season got going too!

If you went the iBookstore route, it should be a simple matter of deleting the book and downloading it again. For Amazon customers, you may or may not get an email suggesting there is an update to be done. There’s a setting for Automatic Updates which, if switched on, means you don’t have to do anything. If you’re more cautious by nature and have that turned off, you simply need to go into the Manage My Kindle settings, locate the book, and use the little drop down on the right to Update the title.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating a seamless way to update books in this way, and although there are still a few niggles to be worked out, and the system could still be a little faster, it’s such a step forward from where we were in 2012. It’s almost worth the endless rewrites I had to do just to experience the satisfaction of getting to this point!

Of course, if you haven’t bought the book yet, then the new and improved versions are just waiting for your purchase! Snap up a copy, available on Amazon or iBookstore now!

Pocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2013 F1 Season now available on the iBookstore

This year, the Pocket F1 Handbook is spreading its wings and launching on more than just Amazon reading apps and devices. The Guide to the 2013 F1 Season is now available on the Apple iBookstore, making it available to an iDevice near you. If you prefer your books to have a more standard viewing experience, and the ability to update faster, the iBookstore option may be the one for you.

Portrait - AlonsoPocket F1 Handbook: Guide to the 2013 F1 Season

Formula One begins a brand new season, with a lot to live up to. The action in 2012 surprised, delighted and thrilled fans with a host of different winners, a successful return to the United States and a championship fight that went right down to the wire.

With Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel securing their third driver and constructor championships in a row, the challenge of trying to beat them is ever-present. Lewis Hamilton’s high-profile move to Mercedes will be a key factor in that team’s fortunes, as they attempt to move forward and join the intense battle at the front. Look out also for Ferrari and McLaren who will both be keen to halt Red Bull’s run of success.

There is one less constructor on the grid for 2013, with HRT unable to secure a buyer in time to pay their entry fee. Eleven passionate teams remain, along with 22 drivers ready to compete on 19 unique circuits around the world over the course of nine months.

This book provides a guide to the drivers, teams, important regulation changes and each stop on the 2013 calendar, so that wherever you are, you will always have a useful guide to the entire F1 season.

Available on Amazon or iBookstore now!